Sabina Hyoju AHN


©2020 by Sabina Hyoju Ahn

Short statement
My works are related to finding multi-layered relationships between human and non-human living beings by translating imperceptible data in natural elements into different perceptual experiences. Biological materials often used, combined or connected to machines, and transformed. I have used bioluminescent algae, soil bacteria, my breathing data, and bioelectricity as well as technology including computational and analog methods. I have attempted to make this invisible world visible, or rather audible by giving it sound which can be an extension of the human perceptional experience. My recent research is focused on the physical nature of human perceptional system and it has driven by post digital media concept with contemporary scientific research method with artistic representations.

Sabina Hyoju Ahn is an artist who works with various medium, sound and organic matters. Her research area is involved with finding hidden rules and patterns in natural elements and translating it into different shapes of perceptual experiences. Her works have been shown in various places including Piksel Festival (NO), Transmediale Vorspiel (DE), Mediamatic (NL), Athens Digital Arts Festival (GR), AMRO (AT), Lab 30 (DE), Art Center Nabi (KR), ACT Festival (KR), Daechung Chungjoo City Museum of Art (KR), V2 (NL), TADAEX festival (IR), WRO Media Art Biennale (PL) and she has been awarded NIME (New Interface for Musical Expression (2017) Best Sound Performance.

안효주. Sabina Hyoju Ahn.
유기적인 데이터를 소리나 빛 또는 다른 감각 경험으로 바꾸는 작업에 초점을 두고 있다. 자연에 존재하지만 눈으로는 보이지 않는 숨겨진 패턴이나, 규칙등을 찾는 것에 흥미가 많고 죽음과 생명, 에너지의 순환과 다양한 변환에 대해 관심이 많다. Piksel Festival (노르웨이), Transmediale (독일), Lab30 (독일), Mediamatic (네덜란드), Athens Digital Arts Festival (그리스), 대청호미술관 (대한민국), ACT페스티벌 (대한민국), 아트센터나비 (대한민국), V2 (네덜란드), Tadaex (이란), WRO 폴란드 미디어아트 비엔날레 (폴란드) 등에 참여하였고, NIME 2017에서 Best Sound Performance를 수상하였다.