Sabina Hyoju AHN


©2020 by Sabina Hyoju Ahn

Breath is an interactive light and sound installation/performance, operated by human breath. As a wind instrument, this work has been developed to control sound and light with human breathing, made of DIY circuits and e-wastes. Breath uses amorphous energy from the human body and transforms it into different shapes: breathe to light and sound, vitalising an inorganic object and shaping the narrative. Human breathing is transformed into light and sound and the respiration is visualised by dimming bulbs. Performer’s breathing activates the machine from nonliving object and involves functioning.
The piece has been made of electronic junks such as old telephone’s microphone and old PC’s metal frame to illustrate life from death and to allude a transformable relationship between human and machine.
To show the interactivity in real-time, moreover, the piece has been developed to a performative instrument that can be performed with live sound by my mouth and glitch-like sound from software. The progress has started from simple method and mathematics in code and switching between on and off to dimming by the intensity of my breath and combining acoustic and electronic sound.

This work has been awarded 2017 NIME (New Interface for Musical Expression) Best Performance (Copenhagen, Denmark).

WeSA Festival 2017

Sabina Hyoju Ahn · Breath_Live_20min